A Family Divided

First Adventure

A basic quest for a travelling merchant

The players made their characters and began their adventures in the town of Haven. While perusing the local bar, the characters came across a wandering book merchant. The merchant expressed interest in a book known as the Kythos Primal, a dark tome of unyielding power long ago lost in an ancient library that has sunken beneath the ground. However, the location of this library has been lost. After questioning local townsfolk, the characters met The Mirror, a mysterious rogue who gave them the location of the library. The PCs ventured down to the library, fighting the wretched Kython demons that lived there. They found many riches, as well as a codex to the language of this ancient race. They eventually passed the library into an underground shrine, home to the Kython Magepriest. The Magepriest had the Kythos Primal, but the characters were unnerved by his Kython minions and left him alone. They continued into another set of ruins, these being of an Elven temple. After solving the riddle of the Pool of Radiance, the characters found another copy of the Kythos Primal, and returned to the book merchant. The merchant not only bought the Kythos Primal, but the codex as well, giving the characters more than enough money to host a town-wide celebration.

  • Had the characters gone into the room behind the Magepriest, they would have come across his chambers (maggot infested), as well as the corpses of his two companions, Calis and Mar. They had been dead for a long time, and the Magepriest went mad and started talking to the Kython as if they were his friends. The corpses had some loot as well as a ring that would allow the user to read the Kythos Primal.
  • The Wandering Book Merchant would have payed for both Kythos Primals, as well as any other books from the library and the journal of the Magepriest.



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